TitleSearcher would like to welcome Cleveland County, Arkansas. Jimmy Cummings is the Circuit Clerk. Images and Indexes are available from January 1st, 2009 - Present. more news

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to access records immediately?
Yes, upon check-out you will have instant access to your subscribed counties or any counties in which Pay Per Copy funds are applied.
Can I unsubscribe or change my subscription?
Yes, call or email customer care to end a subscription, add or remove counties.
Why do different counties have different prices, do you have a price list?
Different counties have different price based mainly on how much data is present and the population of the county.
Can I sign up for both a monthly subscription and a Pay Per copy product?
Yes and many customers do. We have many customers that subscribe to counties and use Pay Per copy funds to access records from additional counties. If you do most of your work in a home county but need sparse data in additional counties, then it makes good sense to use the pay Per copy product in addition to a monthly subscription.
What is a TIFF?
A TIFF (Tag Image File Format) Image is a bitmap image that means the pictures are stored as a collection of color (or B&W) dots. The advantage of the format is its size, it's really small for black & white pictures; it's easy to print and you can view the image via systems running almost any operating system.
What programs can read TIFF images?
On PCs with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 7.0 or above, there is an imaging program already installed which can be used to view TIFF images. The viewer should launch within Internet Explorer and load the image automatically. Internet Explorer is available at no cost from Microsoft. Starting with Internet Explorer version 7 .0 and above Microsoft has disabled the ability to use Plugins in favor of Active-X controls. A very good image viewer for TIFF images which works with IE7.0 and above is AlternaTIFF. Go to their page at www.alternatiff.com and either download the viewer as a .ZIP file to install locally or install it straight from their web site. AlternaTIFF is free for use but does require you to register with them. THIS IS THE PREFERRED METHOD FOR ALL MICROSOFT WINDOWS/INTERNET EXPLORER USERS! Macintosh: For Macs, there are shareware TIFF viewers which can be downloaded and installed. We recommend GraphicConverter. UNIX/Linux: All modern Unix/Linux systems come with TIFF viewing and manipulation utilities. XView has been tested to work well.
How far back does the data go for your counties?
On the left hand navigation panel under "Available States" you can see a complete range of available information, broken down by states, and then counties.
How is a document printed?
Once a document is viewed on the monitor, moving through the pages of and printing the document is totally a function of your computer and image viewing software. You could disconnect from the internet at this point and still be able to print. No communications between your computer, web browser, and the web site are performed. If you can view a document properly on-screen but can not print it to paper, then something is wrong with your computer (misconfigured printer drivers, wrong drivers installed, etc.) We can provide some basic guidance in resolving this type of issue, but ultimately this will be something for an IT department or computer service company to resolve
What is a cross reference and how do I use it?
Cross references ( sometimes called refer backs ) are entries made on a given index that refer to a previous document. This allows you to see "chain of title" from one document to the next.
Why is the document trying to load in CPC Lite?
If you receive the message "Unable to load page: Unknown image format" and your PC has a CPC Lite viewer installed, the TIFF file type is associated with the CPC viewer instead of Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, Microsoft Office Document Imaging Viewer.
Can I print a single page of a multi-page file that I have downloaded?
The TIFF viewer you have installed on your computer controls the printing functions available to you. Most TIFF viewers will allow printing all pages, one page, or a page range.
I see the word "Not Indexed", what does that mean?
Not Indexed signifies that a given instrument has not been verified and certified as completed. Once instruments are certfied, the property description and Grantor/Grantee will appear.
Can I do a date range search for a given name?
Yes, you can key in the name you want to search, then key in a beginning and ending date range. If you enter a beginning date only, the system will search from that point forward. Likewise, if you key an ending date only, the system will search from 2000 until the date you specify.
QuickTime - Problems Viewing Images? Can't Print?
The QuickTime player will try to open the .TIF file which it can't display properly. You should use another image viewer, such as alternatiff) or the default microsoft image viewer. Here are the instructions on how to disable QuickTime from opening .TIF files: 1. Click on Start then on Settings and the Control Panel 2. Double-click on QuickTime (not on QuickTime 32 if you have older version) 3. In the window that opens click on "Browser Plug-in" in the drop-down menu. Or, if you have Quicktime 7 or greater, click the tab that is labelled, "Browser", then proceed to the next step. 4. Click on MIME Settings button 5. Click on the + sign in front of Images to expand the selection 6. Uncheck the box for TIFF image file 7. Click on OK 8. Close the QuickTime Settings window 9. Restart all instances of your web browser. (VERY IMPORTANT)
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